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COM735.A-2021.FASES2 Digital Storytelling

Begins November 01, 2021
This course introduces students to the strategic use of digital storytelling to achieve professional communication goals in areas such as public relations, advertising and integrated marketing communications. Stories have always been powerful communication vehicles that transcend barriers and build memorable connections. With the exponential growth of digital communication channels, the ability to identify strategic stories and develop them for multiple media platforms is essential to engage and influence key stakeholders. Using case studies and primary sources, students will analyze content strategies for digital storytelling. They will examine communication practices and narrative techniques used to create compelling brand, organizational and social impact stories from images, audio, text and visual media. Students will also learn to identify and develop digital story ideas that align with professional and organizational communication objectives. Course dates: 11/01/2021 - 12/21/2021
Instructor : Joao Quintino