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COM732.A-2021.FASES2 Adv Negotiations:Skills to Influence

Begins November 01, 2021
This course goes beyond basics negotiations and provides students with advanced strategies and tactics to influence others, create value, and get more. Students will survey theories and practical tools found in fields such as behavioral economics, law, psychology and dispute resolution in-order to build additional skills-sets in their negotiation toolbox. From hostage negotiations, to mergers & acquisitions, employment mediation, and multiparty negotiations, students will dive into real-life advanced negotiations, extract the effective technique, and use the strategy to improve their next negotiation. The aim of this course is for you to develop advanced negotiation techniques that you can apply to any professional negotiation or difficult conversation you may encounter. Course dates: 11/01/2021 - 12/21/2021
Instructor : Jovonte Santos