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CJ721.A-2021.FASES1 Risk Management & Planning

Begins September 09, 2021
Risk management planning provides a general philosophy, description, and use of tools and methods that can be utilized to manage the risk associated with all types of crises. This course will review the crises that can impact a community and the methods for determining the risk and vulnerability due to these perils and discuss ways of preventing and/or mitigating their impact The course will examine the best practices and proper methodologies for regulating and enforcing techniques to lessen the impacts of hazardous events. The course will also provide the tools (operational, statistical and technological) required to mitigate these risks. Another purpose of the course is to examine and critically discuss current and future methods to create best practices for security management planning. Course dates: 09/09/2021 - 10/29/2021
Instructor : Mark Beaudry